About Us

Our team comprises of professionals ranging from different fields of life like Medical specialists (Andrology, Medicine and Dentistry), Computer Scientists, Engineers (Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical), Geographic Information Scientists, Behavioral Scientists, Business Gurus.

We believe that the best innovative solutions can only be conceived by close collaboration of the existing industry techniques with cutting edge academic research found in the best universities. Keeping this approach in mind, most of our immediate team consists of people who are linked with both worlds. The neighborhood circles of our specialists’ fields touch and encompass a lot of skill set from different domains discussed above but not limited to of course.

We like to think about our team as a bunch of professionals who should work towards solving real life problems efficiently. And that is what matters in the end.

Research Awards

  • ICTRNF Research Grant

    We recently won a research grant of 17.5 Million from ICT Fund to create a commercial medical application for Andrology Clinics. Work has started and the application prototype is already used in clinics in University of Cambridge, Oxford, Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham (UK)

  • 2nd & 3rd Place in ICTCOMPPEC 2011

    We Won two consecutive positions for our published research projects in this national and prestigious event.