Gesture Analysis

We worked with developers and researchers from University of Chicago, University of Nottingham and Oxford to study gestures exhibited by humans during natural discourse. This included Head gestures and hand gestures involving both hands.

The procedure involved in detecting human body parts and then tracking them to report different patterns hands and head show while they move from one region to another during communication. This tool is used in graduate level research.

Dr. Asad provided training to programmers from University of Chicago to deploy this tracking and analysis tool on their servers. Dr. Asad worked as the application developer and researcher and programmed the tracking and analysis tool himself alone.



Research Awards

  • ICTRNF Research Grant

    We recently won a research grant of 17.5 Million from ICT Fund to create a commercial medical application for Andrology Clinics. Work has started and the application prototype is already used in clinics in University of Cambridge, Oxford, Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham (UK)

  • HEC Research Grant

    We are awarded 6 million rupees to study Morphology and abnormalities in Andrology samples for Humans. This grant will commence from September 2013 and will result in a medical tool as well.

  • 2nd & 3rd Place in ICTCOMPPEC 2011

    We Won two consecutive positions for our published research projects in this national and prestigious event.