Company Vision

We are a group of professional ranging from different fields including Computer Science, Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical), Geographic Information Systems, Behavioral & Psychology and Business. We combine and apply knowledge to solve real world problems as we believe that problems are oblivious to boundaries among knowledge domains that we tend to draw around ourselves, and then start living inside.

Innovative Research Systems (Pvt) Limited, was created to take up exotic problems & questions and provide efficient novel solutions by combining appropriate knowledge bases from our experts, resulting in the creation of commercial application that can prove their worth in the markets by either benefiting the consumers, or to be used as non profit tools to serve humanity.

We work towards acquiring projects and funding that will enable us to convert our visions into reality. We have successfully completed, and are working on many projects with Universities in UK (Nottingham, Leeds, Cambridge and Liverpool), Saudi Arab's Government and some national agencies.

Research Awards

  • ICTRNF Research Grant

    We recently won a research grant of 17.5 Million from ICT Fund to create a commercial medical application for Andrology Clinics. Work has started and the application prototype is already used in clinics in University of Cambridge, Oxford, Liverpool, Leeds and Nottingham (UK)

  • 2nd & 3rd Place in ICTCOMPPEC 2011

    We Won two consecutive positions for our published research projects in this national and prestigious event.